Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ParaDisE Lo$T

“This is ME!” Now the question is what does the word ‘Me’ exemplify here? I think it is apparent that I need to rethink about my life a lil` bit. A few yrs ago, I was a simple kid without any pretentions, ambitions or aspirations. Like any one else, I loved to take life the way it comes & looked forward for a day when I would become a teen. Urge dint stop there; wanted to be an adult ... wanted to know how it feels like to be a grown up. But one thing that went unnoticed was that, with age some thing else also kept creeping up the spine; it was responsibilities. To get a job was the next thing on the list & Oh yeah! got a job. Now when I recline on the squishy chairs & stare at the monitor while sipping on steaming coffee; I feel I am missing something. Have I ever taken time to reflect if this was the life I had dreamt to have? More than a decade of mentoring at school & four years at college, that too in a different stream; does it worth it? after all. Did I swim against the current or is it that I yielded to the flow that washed me to this bizarre shore? am I feeling so trapped in a dream of somebody else. Now the past seems to be a fable. Present is a blip on the horizon & the future is nothing less than a question mark! ... Now back to the same codes & bugs; after all it is the bread winner!

Friday, January 11, 2008

“Oru Rocket Vidan Pooya Kadha” : Main Project.

[.... 99% of the story is nonfiction & any resemblance to people living (or dead) is purely intentional ;) ...]

Let me take you a few years back through the lane that faded with time but bestowed me with many memories & experiences. It’s the college life & this event took place a few years back, towards the beginning of 2006. The New Year has blossomed with new life, dreams & hope. Time has drawn to closure of the ‘Happy Days’ of our life; but for many of my kind these final days at college where like the Judgment Day. Once out of college, people expected us to be either employed; go for M Tech or an MBA. But the past 4 years had proved that books are never meant for me.

‘Kaiyil oru jooly ella … athae samayam classil olla chila pillerkku Moonum Naalum Joolikal, that too in MNCs. College kazhinju erangumbole akae kaiyil undaairikunnathu Suppliyum Critiyum chertu oru kettu Mark-Listukal, poraanju collegilaePriciyum Management`um aadarapurvam sammanicha Memo`kalum Suspension letterukalum ‘ With such proficiency the best career we could dream would be to join a Political party & try out our luck. ‘Anganae Naatukarkum veetukarkum veendatha oru jeevitham Nayikunna kaalam.’ But there was a talk among our group (Vaali`group) that if we get to do a project in a reputable institution, then it is probable to get a job.

When the time came to enroll our names to the companies, luck was harsh with us; as usual marks were a bar. Those who had high academic merit teamed up for submitting the applications. We realized how it feels to be left behind & it was out of sheer frustration that the trio ‘Aby, Vishnu & Rahul’ was born; myself & Vishnu‘ve been together for mini project & we carried the legacy of presenting an irrefutable fake project last year, & this time Rahul was a replacement for one member of that notorious team. We filled up VSSC form; but no matter how we calculated, the aggregates were in no par with the ‘Buji teams’ so we dint even bother about further proceedings. Only a few seats where available & to compete with the ‘Bujis’ would no less than ‘Sreeshant challenging Sachin to taste his pathetic York!’ .As usual, there were a bunch of guys who remained stranded when the whole world moved on. Now what to do next? Someone told: ‘Aliya eeni charadu valikal ondengilae rekshayollu’. As per the advice; though by twisted means, we managed to get an opening into IISU (ISRO inertial systems Unit). Three of us where in ‘Cloud 9’ when our project was confirmed, the news spread among our Vaali` group that we‘ve been elevated to elite strata with the ‘Bujis’. Meanwhile we learned from our class that Harish’s group (a classmate) has also joined IISU for project... well, thus migrate one more to the new band.

The day came when we set our foot on the land which was once forbidden for us. The Gates of IISU, with soldiers clad in vests & Kalashnikovs; the frisking that we under went, gave us a feel that we where in some military zone. Though our intentions were to meet our guide; we loitered though the corridors & as our search progressed we encountered sights that would’ve astound many; intricate gadgets, mammoth servers etc but none of them seemed to amuse the trio.

Rahul : “Enthuvadae ethu ? oru color um ellello evidae?”.
Me : “eni athintae kuravumkuudae ollu, da ethu ladies hostel alla !!! “
Vishnu :.“avan marudae kaiyilae thooku nee kandallo ? Vellavalaeyum commentadichitu venam , vediyum kondu evide kidannu nilavilikkan”

We Bantered & moved along, but were interrupted by something weird but wonderful. It was a VLSI lab & through it’s glass pane we gazed in wonder to see men; all clad in white suits, hood, gloves & boots … it was for the first time that we were seeing it for real ‘Now this is awesome, we all said to our selves‘

“…Nook`Aliyaaa !...“ (for one sec I thought , ‘ethentha ashareeriyo?’); but that was Rahul’s cry! from the other side of the corridor. We turned to see something stunning; the astounding laboratories were in no par with the charm decanted from this one in front of our eyes! Yes, it was a Lady, but to call her a lady would be an understatement… she was an 8th wonder. Like in the movies, she was strolling (cat walking) through the corridor in slow motion (of course, she dint walk slow but we felt so). As she left us behind with out jaws dropped & mystified by her spell, we bounced back into the old topic again “Colors”

Me : “Enthairunneda! aa pooyathu ? “
Vishnu: “Athu , eviduthu kaari aano da ? ”
Rahul : “Kandal arinjuudae? aval north indianaa monae”
Vishnu :”Shariya , alavalathi malaylikaludae edayil yengane kittana, engane oru piecinae ? ”

After having spent some significant time in search of some more exquisite specimens, we had to conclude that what we came across was unique & by end of day we proceeded to see our Guide. A few minutes after we reached our guide’s dept room, the new character of the story turned up; a medium build, with thick moustache, he was a typical archetype of a Mallu hero: ’a poor fellow’.

In the Dept room:
Guide: “Ghan work cheyyunna Projectintae oru section ningalae kondu chaiyikkam aanu udeeshikunnathu”
Rahul : ”Nammal chaiyyam Sir, pakshae challenging aayirikanam ”
Vishnu & Me (Gave a cold stare @ Rahul)
Guide : “Pinnae ! its good enough… ‘Scatterometer ctrl data acquisition & processing’ It’s a section of ‘Oceansat-2’… Blah blah blah”. The briefing went for an hour or so, with a bunch of graph’ waveforms & diagrams; Rahul seemed to comprehend whatever the guide was explaining. His class was so magical that rest of us were literally falling off our chairs.
Guide: “Appole sambhavam ellam manasilaayi ennu vishwasikkunnu. tomorrow morning, be at my lab. You will get 1 month to finish it off.”
All: “Shari Saar!” (With an obvious tone of sarcasm)
While driving back home:
Me : “Dai , angeeru paranjathu vellathum manasilaayo ?”
Rahul : “Angeeru paranjathu vachu nookiyal Rocket nammal thannae videendi varum !”
Vishnu : “Ethano , eyalu kannadiyum fit cahitu etra neeram keetu kondirunathu ? manasilayilengil athu parayada, kidannu urulaathae ” & three of us broke into laughter.

We woke up afresh next day; we knew our lives where going 2 take a U-turn from now on. Though quite unexpected from chaps of our kind, we managed to be punctual. Our guide escorted us to the lab. It was quite a huge room packed up with comps; many electronic & mechanical gadgets where scattered around, among them stood ‘our last hope’ Scatterometer with its head held high. Once we got acquainted with our sanctum, our guide summoned us for next round of briefing – “Aaah Not again”, I wanted to shout it out loud.

Guide: ‘ethanu Scatterometer; it’s a microwave radar, ...he went on & on…’
Vishnu (whisper): “Machambi, Ee Sunaappiyil aano work cheyyendunnathu? Nadannathu thannae ! ”
Guide(good ears): ‘Ethil alla ningal work cheyyunathu , you make the simulations ; athu adyam work cheyyanam … pinnae baaki ’
Guide (Pointing @ a middle aged lady with horny glasses, standing across the room): She would assist you in this project; she has been working on the same project.
Vishnu (whisper):”Engarae poraanju aa Ammachiyayum sahikkano ?”

Once the briefing was over, our hopes sank; it was rather a dilemma whether we (who’ve never faired in Labs) could make it up to his expectations
Vishnu (to Rahul): “Samaadhanam aayallo ? mariyathaykku oru certificate oppikan ollathinu ; avante oru challenging project. Annan thaniyae erunnu ondakku ! “
Me: “Eda, entayalum nananju eni namakku kulichu kayaram.”

Though Rahul’s urge for a challenging project was a mockery; now it had turned out to be a real challenge. The project requirements where more than we had expected. The worse part of it is that, the Lady was developing the very same thing & to deliver the requirement before she does was a question of pride for us. If the contrary happens then it is going to be more than a shame, “3 guys loosing it to a lady! Not in a life time...“.We pumped up our morale; locked & loaded, the days ahead saw the ‘3 men army’ in action. But the lady didn’t seem to have much regard for the effort we used to put into the project. She made frequent visits to our desk to check our advancements .Knowing that it was not just a race against time but also against ‘that lady’ we had no choice but to slog,. For the first time after getting into B.tech we were sweating blood. To much of my disbelief, the whole team was toiling. Now we where in a position to hope against hope; but the sadder part is that the alliance didn’t last for long. We observed Rahul’s interest peter out gradually, from absent mindedness to unfinished tasks & recurrent disappearance (‘mungals’) b/w work.

Time went on, the final days where closing in; we were lagging ‘Indian teaminae polae avasaananimisham kondu kudam odaikkumo ennairunnu ente peedi’... until one day, at noon

Me: “Da Rahul evidae ?”
Vishnu : “ Aah ! evidae ondirunnallo etra neeram , chayakudikkan pooyi kaanum ?”
Me: “ee neerathu entha ottaykku oru chaya kudi ? vaa namukkum chaya kudikaam”
As we proceeded to the canteen we came across Hareesh
Vishnu: “Ha! Nee chathillae ? evideya ninte lab aara ninte Guide? ”
Hareesh: “Onum parayenda , onumae work cheyyunilla , pakshae guide Vedikettanu monae , oru ‘N!@n@ Thakur’; baa kaanichu tharam !”

Hareesh took the lead; myself & Vishnu followed him to the cryogenics department & he slowly opened the door for us to take a peek but what we saw there left use flabbergasted. His guide was none but the Northy lady who left 3 of us in a hypnotic spell the very first day. This time it was not her spell that stunned us, it was Rahul & he was speaking to her in Hindi! Yeah Hindi , neva in the worlds ‘ve I heard him speak Hindi ! “Is` port sae us` port thak ......... Ni@n@! eisaye connect karkae deeko yaar!” he was tutoring her how to connect the DAQ card to the server. The very same thing we had taught him the day before; “Eda Perum kalla!” I bet this was what, went thru back of our heads as we listened to that crook. He was too animated by the talk that he dint even notice us & as he pivoted 2 c two of his mates staring; he delivered noting but a typical clinical smile, to which Vishnu yelled with anger & jist “Piyae TUNE cheyyeda , avalu karinju pookum!” “Eni nee angootu vaa”. Thanks, ‘the 8th wonder’ didn’t know ABCs of Malayalam; she kept a composed smile when she saw two unwelcomed jerks shouting in her room.

Interestingly the incident not just solved the mystery of Rahul’s frequent disappearance, but also gave us a fresh reason to do our project. We studied not jus to finish off the project but were also waiting for a chance to tutor the 8th wonder. In the end, our hard work was paid off; our simulation worked flawlessly & the fact that the program given by the lady who worked in tandem with us for meeting the same goal was a flop, added to the sweetness of our success. Now the only barrier b/w us & the certificate was the project report. One month of acquaintance with our guide had left us with the knowledge that he is an idealist, so we had to produce some thing that he won’t reject. During the last days we came across some well prepared documents in our comp, authored by our very own Guide for the sake of his studies; as the saying goes “Leopards can’t change its spots “, the congregation of our devious brains resulted in yet another drama! And in the end as we submitted our completed reports before our beloved guide, with his work in our pages; the expression that swept through his face was an Awe which almost read ‘Odukkam ente nengathotu thannae rocket vitello , makkale !’ & when he scribbled his precious signature on our certificates, we where happy that to see our dream fruitioned & we had lived up to the notorious legacy our team had left behind the previous year.

Mo$T W@nTeD
                              Mo$T W@nTeD

B!tcH O` M!nE : A Poignant Rhap$odY

        B!tcH O` M!nE

She is my Bitch, she is one of a kind
She is no dame but she saves my day
Lust she knows & love she hates
She is the drug that addicts my brain

She has the curves,that steal my eyes
In blink of an eye she makes me blind
Name her a wonder, might be 8th
She is an angel to eyes but devil in disguise

In scarlet red she flaunts all day
While night falls she got no shame
In the light of the lamp her body glows
On her knees she gives a good blow

She is a Bitch who plays the trick
When on move she is witch on a stick
Like creepers crawl she holds me tight
She inflicts pain but she is a gain

After stroke of midnight I opened my eyes
Then I realized the glitch in her smile
Like a nightmare come true, the scent of blood bath
I saw shine of the blade & myself dead on the floor

...This Material is CopyRighted ©... - Aby Jacob -

A Poignant Rhap$odY

The Da`Vinci !n me : Divulged

I just gave some thought, whether or not to put up my sketches in here & the answer was 'why not?' For, a picture can speak a 1000 words. One yr of corporate life has offered enough mental scourges, a fecund source that spawned the writer, nurtured a thinker & nourished the artist whose work is noting but the flotsams of his mind that sank into the ocean of obscurity & each fragments bear the life the creator has bestowed in it!

Spitfires  Fly On My Wing$ - WW2 - Spitfires !


More than what I can take  $anctify

CrusaderSome things R worth Dyeing 4

D Slayers of Evil~self $layers-For a reason

Skull$kull Tribe

Grim Reaper Grim Reaper - Lemme` relieve Ur pain

Pain,Angish&DeathPain Personified

 Evan Puliyaa !'U Wanna piece o`me ?'

 I Come not 2 reap but 2 sow Death - D  Angel of Seals ! I ComE n0t 2 Re@p but 2 $oW De@th - D Angel of Seal$ !
...All Images are CopyRighted ©... - Aby Jacob -

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bleeding Dreams

A hot cup of life, blended with poison
Each breath I take, Is with caution
Still breathing Air, intoxicated
As I closes in, I’m feeling perforated

Chained to darkness & hung up by Nails
The Beast is staring from portrait of mine
Eyes like bonfire, leaves its sore imprint
Canine so deep leaves the wrath within

The vulpine howls reverbs down under.
Guilt of my actions has no measure
Raptors are soaring, leaves noting 2 wonder
The rupture of passion has made me surrender

6 foot ditch, it shows up like nightmare
My soul is in panic. Naked & bare
Tombstone engraved with “Rest in Pieces”
World it gazes, while I bleed down to death

Fallen in Misery, Its’ at edge of a verge
Pain grows like Ivy, but nobody cares
My Mind is polluted, I just cant bare
All Morals eroded, where are the prayers?

...This Material is CopyRighted ©... - Aby Jacob -

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Experiment with Lies

The following anecdote is a scrap from my school day life as I recount it; almost a decade after the curtains had fallen for that drama. There was this age; When, I used to think that the progress card was the worst of all inventions man had ever made. Even the dirty Nukes were in no par with the physiological dent that this piece of paper could impart in a minor.

It was on 8th Standard, 2nd term & it was my new school “Loyola”. In here, exams were “no big deal”. Rather, these were a “way of life”. The weekly tests on Fridays were a matter of concern. For which, the preparation used to start from Wednesday, at the latest. It seemed to be a never ending process. Through out the whole term there were these weekly tests to deal with. As an add-on, came the terminal exams & on top of it all the luscious topping “the final exam!” was served. The exam time was never tension free; though it used to be a gamble. But there was no compromise for the adrenalin gust at the time of receiving those souvenir of our stupidity widely called as the answer sheets.

On one fine afternoon after a good meal, when the air was filled with frisk & hubbubs, the teacher Gayathri madam [known amongst us as GAMA] stepped into the class breaking its blissful sanctity of pandemonium. All of us stood staring at her as she made her way to the platform & took her seat. There was nothing unusual with her to steal all our attention, but this time she had those answer sheets with her. We guys looked each other & took our seat .Several expressions flashed through everyone’s face. Just like the variation in reaction of different metals to the same acid, the expressions on everyone’s face had its own reason. For some it is going to bring in a new feather in their cap & for some others it’s going to be the access token for their grades. There were a few rare metals that never seemed to react unless some miracles saved them from the “red mark”.

GAMA untied the bundle & started off calling the names. I, myself being roll number 1, had mentally prepared to be her first victim. But to my surprise the papers were jumbled. This time, as if to rub salt on our wounds she was calling out the marks too. My anxiety kept building up. Questions popped up from back of my mind “Have I failed? Is it why she has not called my name?” For a boy who had a fair academic track, a “red mark” was the worst sore that could be inflicted upon him. My tension rose in rhythm with each name she called. All of a sudden I started chanting prayers that came to my memory. As if I expected the ‘Supremo’ to work out a miracle. May be to change the marks in my answer sheet or to swap my answer sheet with some one else’s. A cymbal rang in my ears. Waking me up before I could end my prayers. It took me a second to realize that it was not a cymbal but GAMA calling out my name that retrieved me back into the world of reality. I rushed to her, jumped to the platform & literally took my souvenir from her hands. Wasting no time I came back to my seat n grinned at my pal sitting next to me & whispered “Reksa pettu aliyaa avaru ente marku vilichilla”. His response was a confused smile ‘the meaning of which I would know shortly’. I took a deep breath & both of us peeped into my paper. Oh GOD it’s the “RED MARK”. I scratched my head & looked back at my friend. It is now that I came to know the meaning of his grin. It was the prayers that I was preoccupied in, that made me deaf from hearing my marks when it was called & my attempt to stop her from calling out my score was in vain. We both exchanged a smile.

I’ve fallen short of 1 mark to hit the threshold of 40%.For the 1st time ever in my life the “RED MARK” has left its stain. GAMA was too stingy in giving us marks, but still I turned though the pages to see if there is hope left. I waited impatiently. Just as she finished the 'Award ceremony', I went back to her. It was not just me, but a bunch of mates were crowding around her. I had to wait for my turn. This time I badly needed that 1 mark. But all my attempts were turned down by her & in the end I had to work out my last number “win her sympathy”. With a melancholic aura I approached her, “Mam, it’s just a matter of one mark. Only you can make me pass”. Looking straight into my eyes & with a stern resolve she uttered “What makes you think that I should be merciful?” She seemed to question my blasé attitude. “Oh God’ It is a disaster! It is never going to work out” I wanted to cry. But I couldn’t “I’m a boy, I need to preserve my pride” “I said to myself.

I was left with this question “what next?” Being a truthful son; while I reach back home, my mom might put me through a check-in procedure even before letting me stretch or take a nap. She had her own reasons. She used to have a good time cleaning my room, but at times she came across some stunning discoveries like my History & Math answer sheets that had yielded to time & has metamorphosed by the toil of silverfish. This time I was sure it is going to be a testing task. If caught, it is going to be one big explosion. I had to sneak this bomb into my home safely with out letting out the fuse. It was not just the paper; I had to hide my expressions when facing questions about the answer sheets,it was a tougher job. I can’t carry it in my pockets. If checked, even the bag won’t be spared. By the end of the 6th period I had worked out a design to evade all possible traps. When the last bell rang at 3:45 pm I proceeded to the toilet where I carefully folded up the paper & slipped it into back of my under wear. I hurried back to the bus & took my seat. The folded paper was giving a kind of itch while sitting. Wanted to scratch but couldn’t. Sitting in the bus I tried out several expressions to mimic a placid face. By the time I reached my stop, I had perfected on my new mask.

Just like an actor on his stage, I entered home. I can’t act suspicious; being a ‘good boy’ would be the worst thing to do. So I removed my shoes & left it in the hall way, came to the dining room n dropped the bag. Grabbed the remote & switched to VH1. Removed my shirt, belt & threw it over the staircase railing in a manner that it slides & settles down where the railing ends. I started munching on the snacks kept on the table. Suddenly a voice from kitchen shouted out “Kai kazhukityittu kazhikkeda”. Thought my present situation calls in for obeying her completely, I should pretend as if noting was heard & wash hands only when the song being played gets over. After the act in the ground floor was over, I sluggishly climbed upstairs to my room. I took a good look around to make sure that none except the lizard on the wall was there in the room. There was a Bible on my table I slipped the answer paper into it. I was sure that it would be the last book to be disturbed from the harmony that it has found with the dusty milieu. But there was a slight remorse for having used the Bible for such an act .I yielded to it & in b/w the pages of my chambers’ dictionary the paper found its final home.

Days & weeks passed, I had produced many papers at home which had better figures. Each time I showed an answer sheet, the look on my dad’s face seemed to speak thus “I know the worst ones are yet to come down the line”. I don’t know whether it was my guilt that spoke to me so? The Christmas was closing in, so where the terminal exams. How long could as secret be hidden?
my alma mater 'Cheer Loyola sons ! '
After a few weeks, while dining at the table,

mom asked me : “eathellam weekly testinte paper kitti?”
me : “ Eni English matramae kittan ollu”[ with out lifting my head]
mom: “English exam adyatham ezhu thiyathalle? ”
me : “enta ? enne oru samshayam olla thu poolae chodikkunae” [looking @ her]
me:“teacher kurachu naalayittu leavilaa”

I still don’t know why I responded to her question in such a manner, but that was the best deceptive response I could’ve ever given her. The same kind of questions came up twice or thrice even after a days interval or two.

Weeks moved on, I got my progress card It had to be signed & returned before the Christmas exams begin. But how will I account 4 the “RED MARK” in it. Though I managed to end up with a first class, it is never going to be an excuse. I kept counting the days. The last day to submit the report card was up. I came back from school completely determined to show my report card & the answer sheet. After all routine habits, I went to my room & I searched the dictionary only to find out that the paper has disappeared.

“Yes! It has disappeared”. “God! what‘ve you done to me? I asked for a miracle to save me, you could’ve done the same work when the paper was with GAMA”. Now things are going to get even worse. I searched everywhere but the search had to be discreet or else parents might smell some thing fishy. That was a dreadful night. The next day I woke up, got dressed up for school. I searched for the paper again, but it was of no use. On the break fast table, Mom served the food & while going back to kitchen she asked “entahda vallathe erikunnae ? [for which I had no answer] aaharam kazhichukazhinju ee chaya kudichitu poo”. After having food, I went to the kitchen for tea, on my way back, while crossing the dining table some thing stole my eye. “Is it that? Yes it is “I took a closer look it was my answer paper but I found not just the “RED MARK” but a familiar handwriting. It was my dad’s signature!

With an embarrassing smile, I walked to the door.“ente monu abhinayam theerae vasham ella, alle ?” That was my dad showering his arrows of victory over me! . After that incident neither did I hide any papers nor win a “RED MARK”, but felt free to toss the papers over to the dining table no matter what figures it bore.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

'One 4 All & All 4 One...Emp!re of D ReBel$'

D Emp!re where Hooligans Reigned
Once upon a time…..There was a college, there was a gang, and there was every thing. This was a time when our college used 2 stink. But now, a few years after; when I look back ‘even that stench has a sweetness of its own!.Those tracks left behind in the shores of my memory shall not be washed away by the waves of time.It was the best stage of our life, used 2 fight, cry ‘n laugh together…. What more can u ask 4? Those where the times when my stuffs where not mine alone but theirs too. My joy was not mine, they had its share, troubles & sorrow was not mine anymore… they took it over. I could say that it was the biggest drama we all had ever played in our lives ; love , hate , grief , passion , affection , fury , jive ,comedy … It was a perfect blend crusted with a joyful climax & an ever pervading tinge of dissatisfaction that the drama seemed to end so soon.
ReMain$ Of ‘ReMiNi$cEnCe’
‘The Gang’ might be a fate or a fortune of a campus, but for sure it is ‘the inevitable’ part of a college. I would love to name this elite group ‘The Untouchables’ looked at with awe by mates; but mentors envisaged it with the gist of caste system (the avarnas), looked down up on with disgust & deride. Never the less, as time flew bye we discovered the share of affection & consideration that our gurus had for us.

Quite recently once of my pals started off a community as a tribute to this cool squad ; its intro read thus “M-cet nte suvarna kalathu avidathe kallinum mullinum njangale ariyamayirunnu,avdathe kattil njangalude gandham undayirunnu (manasilayille mcb yum willsinteyum manam) . a vidathe mannu njangalude veeyarpum VALLAVANTEYUM chorayum veenathanu.hahaha(ippol alochikumbol ellam oru thamasha) . M-Cet njangalku marakkan agrahikunna orupadu muhurthangalum, mansil ennum sukshikan nalla chila nimishangalum sammmanichu.” & has christened it ‘We Rocked M-Cet’ , Yep he was right 'We Rocked the Hell Out of it' . We never wished to be noticed but never went unnoticed.

Unlike many , we had 2 lives’ one was the college life & other kicked off just as the sun dropped below the horizon, the city life.Where ever we used 2 be; whether it be in the college or in the City, we have left our eternal signature in all beings that we came across with. Even the walls & trees in there shall never forget the legendary episodes this gang has spawned; they still stand as silent witness to our mischief and gags.
Gang's Feat
Those last benches, boring lectures, snoring in the class, nicknaming, playing cards, bike cruises, fooling around in the city, Party pravarthanam, weaving scandals, comment`adi , partying, boozing, tripping …it is a huge list but one thing was for sure, to take a degree was as @ the bottom of the list … Thus was our college life, a delightful blend of wit, fun & love; a transit from the playful schooldays to a serious stage that turned out to be an epoch of jive & hilarity. Those where the time when one used 2 say

X:“Ninakku etra suppli ondeda ?“
Y :“18 ennam”
X : “Ha ha … enikku 26 ennam“ (the numbers are not exaguration... infact there used to be bigger records) & the best part of it is that, such conversations had a flavor of pride in it.

“Dai chaini ondo ? Filter mathi; Rummy`ku cheetu idu ;Vellam kurachu oru peg Ozhi.Fit ayyal dance Must“ these dialogue has not faded with time, but it still echo in my ears.

KowmuthiIt was not just Fun all the time ; many of us experienced its sadder side too but with time, the scars heel and what remains is a wealth of humor. Well, unfortunately there's no way to rewind time, but there's always going to be days when we can unwind and laugh and wonder what an amazing maze of feelings, amusement & experiences it was. Now we all are scattered around the globe… but some day or other ‘WE’ shall join our hands again … till then let these pieces of memories from our annals of college days be glued & put up in display like an exquisite ‘archaic Urn’ that proclaim the glory of the empire that it had witnessed.