Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bleeding Dreams

A hot cup of life, blended with poison
Each breath I take, Is with caution
Still breathing Air, intoxicated
As I closes in, I’m feeling perforated

Chained to darkness & hung up by Nails
The Beast is staring from portrait of mine
Eyes like bonfire, leaves its sore imprint
Canine so deep leaves the wrath within

The vulpine howls reverbs down under.
Guilt of my actions has no measure
Raptors are soaring, leaves noting 2 wonder
The rupture of passion has made me surrender

6 foot ditch, it shows up like nightmare
My soul is in panic. Naked & bare
Tombstone engraved with “Rest in Pieces”
World it gazes, while I bleed down to death

Fallen in Misery, Its’ at edge of a verge
Pain grows like Ivy, but nobody cares
My Mind is polluted, I just cant bare
All Morals eroded, where are the prayers?

...This Material is CopyRighted ©... - Aby Jacob -

1 comment:

  1. Man is a process, not a product. Unless and until u go wrong u wont know the actual light of being right.. remember the prodigal son in the bible...

    good work buddie!!!