Friday, June 17, 2011

Brutus! Think before you stab

I am writing this with pain
Hoping my tears will drain
I was betrayed by my mate
And In my soul it has left a stain.

I have never felt such an ache
My heart was plunged with a stake.
Bleeding profuse, all night and day.
It has felt more than I can take.

You Brutus! your smile is a charade.
If you think it is your wily tall tale,
That has played out on stage!
Think again friend, my God is awake.

............-Aby Jacob-...............

Monday, June 6, 2011


I’m chained to this wagon
It moves like a dragon
I name it destiny
It is worse than insanity

The stream of fate,
Flows & don’t retreat.
Dreams I have, to complete
Before I fade to history

I lived my self in mistakes
My fall had no estimate
It is time for me to erase my past
I need to rise again from the ash

Freedom is one that I seek
Its` time to break these chains
No matter what it takes,
I’m gonna break myself free !

.......-Aby Jacob-...........