Sunday, November 20, 2011


Looking from the heavens above
I see my body in my last abode
Shattered through the grisly road
And a burning head mocked by the Crowd

The pain was all gone in the last blow
When the enemy stormed in with a growl
I could hear nothing but a wolf’s howl,
As I slowly bled out into the afterglow.

Beyond those doors of pain I saw;
A lady holding a brilliant lamp.
She walked me through the regal gates;
To the chamber, where rests the lamb.

“Holy Holy Holy” , they cried;
The Arc Angels and their flight.
The heaven opened up with all might
As men watched the divine Light!

...........-Aby Jacob-............

[20-11-2011] [20 Nov 11]

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ A Cold Blood Winter ~

The hazy clouds are setting in
And the sun is losing its sheen
The cold Russian winter is blowing in
The trees are setting for the new scene

The clear bright skies of yesterday
Now embraces a gloom that is to stay!
The Cold Rain drops of yesterday
Turns into snowflake with in the haze.

With the change in seasonal rhymes
Nature is changing its heart beats
It whispers a cold breeze into my heart
That, this winter holds a bitter stint

Cus’ Far colder is the blood of men
And their words sharper than steel
For such reasons, with winter I would love to be;
Than fake a smile and look happy.

..............-Aby Jacob-..............

[18 Oct 2011]