Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Ode 2 Life

Flame of life

The Flame of life, it set ablaze in me
Leaves no ash but wipes the evil in me
Like a shade in the sun, a torch in the dark
It lifts my life ever to eternity

The mystery of truth remained for ages
An unsolved quest that puzzled all sages
In the chase with in this psychic maze
Don’t let the crazy pace, raze the soul’s space

Life spawns emotion that can engulf all oceans
These are moulds that contain soul’s magic potion
From heart they sprout and seize the brains
Deal with care else flood the gates of rage

“Ignorance is bliss”, so preached the cults
They probe in dark for a needle from stack
The pursuit of truth is the pilgrim of life
As time moves by, the mystery unwinds

Key to the life is engraved in soul
Treasure is revealed when this key is carved
This cryptic note disclosed the truth
It just read “I am the TRUTH”.

........-Aby Jacob-............

I am the TRUTH