Sunday, November 4, 2012

~Take HIS hand~

Oh my long lost state of mind.
Here I am, I give up the fight
Now take me back from being blind
Lead me, to the ONE that is bright.

The dents shall not be a part of life.
The ashes of past has been left behind.
‘Truth’ is the one for whom I strive.
 HE is the one who awakens the mankind

It is never too late to take HIS hand
Walk aside and see how this life unwinds.
Then sit beside his glorious feet,
Rest in HIM, even if the heart stops its beat.

...................-Aby Jacob-.....................

Sunday, October 28, 2012

~ A Prayer ~

You are the light, the true divinity
The guide of my entire destiny
Under you, stands all the army
But Father, pour forth your mercy

By your name, all vices die
In your name, all chains shall untie
In your name, all martyrs die
Making the flag of victory fly

There is none that holds with you, equality
No gold, no money, not a single deity
Empty are my words, to praise your magnanimity
I shall serve you for all eternity 

..............-Aby Jacob-..............
[Painting by - Cima da Conegliano]

Saturday, September 22, 2012

~Rat Race~

We are all engaged in this rat race,
Trying to make the best run.
But do we ever look at each other’s face,
And be willing to enjoy and have some fun.

For some , it is crucial to end with pace,
Even if it is to take in hand , a gun.
Few of us would live long to see a day,
But the rest shall sure fade away.

It is an irony that we try running faster, this race
While not knowing what it is past that lace.
What is the point in running so fast?
When you know we all shall perish one day.

....................-Aby Jacob-.......................
[22 Sept 2012]

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Hope!

Neither can i live with you, nor without
And when I’m all alone it’s you that I think about
Every moment I was with you, it did feel right
Now When I close my eyes, it is you that stand bright

When I turn around and look back on the sand
I miss those tracks you used to leave on the land
Now Over the ledge of my heart is where I stand,
I wish you were close that I could hold your hand.

All that lives in me now are those moments of life
Those Flashes of reminiscence, that keeps me alive
These memories with salt and ice, I shake,
Mix it with a glass of vodka, and then take.

Sipping down from the chalice of pain
As I slowly walk down the unknown lane
With the hope and prayer that one day
I shall hold your hand once again, at the heavenly bay

....................-Aby Jacob-....................... 

[Aug 2012]

Saturday, August 18, 2012

~Not to be lost~

I am not to be lost
But to be saved,
For Christ is my Lord
And His Truth shall reign.

‘You are Mine’ He says,
He shall guard us always.
We have seen his wonderful ways
How he saved a mighty race.

With his blood he erased,
all his children’s disgrace.
Forever shall his name be praised,
For his kingdom shall prevail.

 ........-Aby Jacob-..........

18 April 18, 2012