Monday, September 3, 2012

The Hope!

Neither can i live with you, nor without
And when I’m all alone it’s you that I think about
Every moment I was with you, it did feel right
Now When I close my eyes, it is you that stand bright

When I turn around and look back on the sand
I miss those tracks you used to leave on the land
Now Over the ledge of my heart is where I stand,
I wish you were close that I could hold your hand.

All that lives in me now are those moments of life
Those Flashes of reminiscence, that keeps me alive
These memories with salt and ice, I shake,
Mix it with a glass of vodka, and then take.

Sipping down from the chalice of pain
As I slowly walk down the unknown lane
With the hope and prayer that one day
I shall hold your hand once again, at the heavenly bay

....................-Aby Jacob-....................... 

[Aug 2012]


  1. Dude what is the inspiration ? dont tell me its TITANIC the movie :D ? i remember you old funny dialogue :P

  2. Finally... one non spiritual poem ...
    Man you write well keep it coming