Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Show Stopper !

I’m awake at middle of the night
Not knowing what has caused this plight
Against the demons I’m putting my fight
For help I’m calling, but I see none with in my sight

This curse of such plague is steep
I pray none should face such strife
Into deep slumber I wish to leap
But, through the lane of panic I drive.

I thought Insomnia was the crook
And all my peace, he was trying to loot
A pill was prescribed in all the books
But neither did it , take me off the hooks

Into a melancholic state I sink
The darkness engulfs with all might
And all my conscience does prick!
I sure does feel something ain’t right

..............-Aby Jacob-..............
[Its 3.30 am … I’m losing my sleep … and I don’t know y ! :(]
image copy right - Jason Taylor.