Tuesday, January 1, 2008

'One 4 All & All 4 One...Emp!re of D ReBel$'

D Emp!re where Hooligans Reigned
Once upon a time…..There was a college, there was a gang, and there was every thing. This was a time when our college used 2 stink. But now, a few years after; when I look back ‘even that stench has a sweetness of its own!.Those tracks left behind in the shores of my memory shall not be washed away by the waves of time.It was the best stage of our life, used 2 fight, cry ‘n laugh together…. What more can u ask 4? Those where the times when my stuffs where not mine alone but theirs too. My joy was not mine, they had its share, troubles & sorrow was not mine anymore… they took it over. I could say that it was the biggest drama we all had ever played in our lives ; love , hate , grief , passion , affection , fury , jive ,comedy … It was a perfect blend crusted with a joyful climax & an ever pervading tinge of dissatisfaction that the drama seemed to end so soon.
ReMain$ Of ‘ReMiNi$cEnCe’
‘The Gang’ might be a fate or a fortune of a campus, but for sure it is ‘the inevitable’ part of a college. I would love to name this elite group ‘The Untouchables’ looked at with awe by mates; but mentors envisaged it with the gist of caste system (the avarnas), looked down up on with disgust & deride. Never the less, as time flew bye we discovered the share of affection & consideration that our gurus had for us.

Quite recently once of my pals started off a community as a tribute to this cool squad ; its intro read thus “M-cet nte suvarna kalathu avidathe kallinum mullinum njangale ariyamayirunnu,avdathe kattil njangalude gandham undayirunnu (manasilayille mcb yum willsinteyum manam) . a vidathe mannu njangalude veeyarpum VALLAVANTEYUM chorayum veenathanu.hahaha(ippol alochikumbol ellam oru thamasha) . M-Cet njangalku marakkan agrahikunna orupadu muhurthangalum, mansil ennum sukshikan nalla chila nimishangalum sammmanichu.” & has christened it ‘We Rocked M-Cet’ , Yep he was right 'We Rocked the Hell Out of it' . We never wished to be noticed but never went unnoticed.

Unlike many , we had 2 lives’ one was the college life & other kicked off just as the sun dropped below the horizon, the city life.Where ever we used 2 be; whether it be in the college or in the City, we have left our eternal signature in all beings that we came across with. Even the walls & trees in there shall never forget the legendary episodes this gang has spawned; they still stand as silent witness to our mischief and gags.
Gang's Feat
Those last benches, boring lectures, snoring in the class, nicknaming, playing cards, bike cruises, fooling around in the city, Party pravarthanam, weaving scandals, comment`adi , partying, boozing, tripping …it is a huge list but one thing was for sure, to take a degree was as @ the bottom of the list … Thus was our college life, a delightful blend of wit, fun & love; a transit from the playful schooldays to a serious stage that turned out to be an epoch of jive & hilarity. Those where the time when one used 2 say

X:“Ninakku etra suppli ondeda ?“
Y :“18 ennam”
X : “Ha ha … enikku 26 ennam“ (the numbers are not exaguration... infact there used to be bigger records) & the best part of it is that, such conversations had a flavor of pride in it.

“Dai chaini ondo ? Filter mathi; Rummy`ku cheetu idu ;Vellam kurachu oru peg Ozhi.Fit ayyal dance Must“ these dialogue has not faded with time, but it still echo in my ears.

KowmuthiIt was not just Fun all the time ; many of us experienced its sadder side too but with time, the scars heel and what remains is a wealth of humor. Well, unfortunately there's no way to rewind time, but there's always going to be days when we can unwind and laugh and wonder what an amazing maze of feelings, amusement & experiences it was. Now we all are scattered around the globe… but some day or other ‘WE’ shall join our hands again … till then let these pieces of memories from our annals of college days be glued & put up in display like an exquisite ‘archaic Urn’ that proclaim the glory of the empire that it had witnessed.

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