Friday, January 11, 2008

B!tcH O` M!nE : A Poignant Rhap$odY

        B!tcH O` M!nE

She is my Bitch, she is one of a kind
She is no dame but she saves my day
Lust she knows & love she hates
She is the drug that addicts my brain

She has the curves,that steal my eyes
In blink of an eye she makes me blind
Name her a wonder, might be 8th
She is an angel to eyes but devil in disguise

In scarlet red she flaunts all day
While night falls she got no shame
In the light of the lamp her body glows
On her knees she gives a good blow

She is a Bitch who plays the trick
When on move she is witch on a stick
Like creepers crawl she holds me tight
She inflicts pain but she is a gain

After stroke of midnight I opened my eyes
Then I realized the glitch in her smile
Like a nightmare come true, the scent of blood bath
I saw shine of the blade & myself dead on the floor

...This Material is CopyRighted ©... - Aby Jacob -

A Poignant Rhap$odY

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