Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ParaDisE Lo$T

“This is ME!” Now the question is what does the word ‘Me’ exemplify here? I think it is apparent that I need to rethink about my life a lil` bit. A few yrs ago, I was a simple kid without any pretentions, ambitions or aspirations. Like any one else, I loved to take life the way it comes & looked forward for a day when I would become a teen. Urge dint stop there; wanted to be an adult ... wanted to know how it feels like to be a grown up. But one thing that went unnoticed was that, with age some thing else also kept creeping up the spine; it was responsibilities. To get a job was the next thing on the list & Oh yeah! got a job. Now when I recline on the squishy chairs & stare at the monitor while sipping on steaming coffee; I feel I am missing something. Have I ever taken time to reflect if this was the life I had dreamt to have? More than a decade of mentoring at school & four years at college, that too in a different stream; does it worth it? after all. Did I swim against the current or is it that I yielded to the flow that washed me to this bizarre shore? am I feeling so trapped in a dream of somebody else. Now the past seems to be a fable. Present is a blip on the horizon & the future is nothing less than a question mark! ... Now back to the same codes & bugs; after all it is the bread winner!

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