Monday, April 18, 2011

Ru$$iaN Rhap$ody

Oh Russia, Russia!
The biggest pie of Eurasia.

Massive like the Arctica
Pouring down from Siberia

Stretching up to Persia.
You are the snow clad crown of Asia

Then when u melted like vanilla
You ended the soviet saga.

The cry of your melancholic raga
Threw down the Gods of Duma.

Lets say good bye to western Cola
And party tonight with some vodka

Now dance to a Russian polka
And rise up like a supernova.

.........-Aby Jacob-..............

[ Happened to explore the gr8 land
of Rusia recently. Dedicate these
few lines to Russian Friends ]


  1. rusie fnds ? kab ?

    - kavita

  2. kalippu...u made these lines..or copied it from somewhere