Friday, April 22, 2011

The Fighter Pilot!

With my head held high, I walked up to her
I knew it was time, to fly into hell.
In my cockpit , To my God I pray and beg
‘Fight for me Lord, Let not my enemies dwell’!

Now Pushing the Throttle and thrilling all eyes
With a battle cry, I soar into the skies
Like an eagle I fly above the clouds and rise
Watchful against all demons and their vice.

Then I hear out loud, the battle drum’s call
On my tail stalks a demon, he pries and crawl.
In the skies we fought, like the canines who brawl.
Until I nailed him to the ‘heavenly wall’, Once and for all!

.......................-Aby Jacob-..........................

[Life is a ride , life is a fight
never fall out , but hang on tight ]


  1. I enjoyed the poem, had a hard job to get your blog site,
    Have a happy Easter,