Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Laments of a wounded soul

The clouds are roaring, thundering and raining
With no mercy, in my heart they are pouring
All the strength that I have is eroding
What have I done to face this suffering?

Stronger it is, when it’s your heart that is bleeding
Emotions are the worst kind of toxins
Wounds of soul, they never stop oozing
For such state, what is the medicine?

When you cry, the crowd might go mocking
‘Be a man! This ain’t kidding ’.
Nobody cares, not a single earthling
Tears of a victim, for them its amusing.

Oh! What it is to be in such a setting
Father! Look at me, to you I am praying
For If there is a man who can be sympathetic
It’s Jesus, the one and only Pristine.

............-Aby Jacob-..............


  1. some times life is hard . keep writing

  2. Good one abycha.... you neva forget to mention the bleeding heart!
    He will definitely answer you.. god bless ya bro...luv Shaanz