Monday, December 6, 2010


Soft but it stays strong,
True and it’s never wronged
Against evil it never daunts
Innocence it is called

Lively, yet so Chaste,
In faith it never fails
In a smile it never hides
Survives, all tides of age

Like honey it always tastes
Lives in all that God creates
Compassion, it shows to human state
Stands by men, to heal his fate

Against hell it never shakes
Radiates, love to entire space
Evil, crushed by its regal state
Innocence will always prevail.

.........-Aby Jacob-...........


  1. Its pretty good. I am also a Christian and you have inspired me to write more on the Christian level. :)

  2. hi Бланкa,

    Thanks ... do write .... God Bless