Friday, May 16, 2008

The Impending Havoc!

The sky was not bright but blistering, roads beneath were fuming & the unsettled dust clouded the vision, the winds were not hot but scorching ... The gust skimmed through my curls & a drop of sweat sudated through the pores , I could feel the cool trail it left behind as it slithered down my baked-body yielding to gravity. For a moment I thought I was taking a Saharan safari on my bike, but in fact I was speeding through the urban highway when the sun was still at the acme of its celestial ambit.

Last week-end at noon, I was awheeling down the city with my friend on the pillion to make arrangements for his visa. He got a job in Mauritius with a hefty pay, lucky guy ... he would soon be absolved from this vexing urban traffic & exasperating weather...... Owing to dehydration we had to make at least 4 stopovers during the ride & mind you this was just a ride down the city highway not a cross-country. When we reached back home, my shade had a coat of dust blanketing it & my friend, the would be expat let out a loud cry when he saw himself on the mirror ; it was a matter of slight misidentification... now a days u need not hit the beaches to get a tan. I hope by now you would've found out wherefore this blog is penned?

The fatiguing trip hurled me into a thought process...In the lights of a lecture by 'Dr. Carlo Rubbia' on 'Which Energy for the Future ?' I was thinking big,(That is not usually 'ME' ... but it happens quite rarely). I've heedlessly mumbled over a lot of talks on 'global warming ... green house ... glacier melting ... blah blah & blah!' but never recognized its effect until I felt some thing is going wrong. I’ve heard a lot about this Global warming (GW) stuff ... but this time my wits were zeroing in on the GW's impact on social life. A typical forecast on shifts in human society & the outcomes due to GW is what that follows.
The last decade has witnessed the most drastic of climate changes... they say it is the hottest ever recoded & the change has been exponential over the years. Now it would be interesting to note that professionals register punches too early at the office, before the sun starts burning through the skies, esp. during summer & they head home only if the sun has gone considerably down. The monerstrous boom in the A/C & similar gadget's market , significant increment in the rate of rice & cereals
indirectly caused by weather imbalance ,low productivity et al... are also some symptoms of inbound crash of environment balance. If this is how 22nd century is like what would be it like after a few decades? To deal with the scorching sun , most human activity would take place during late-night hour, the working hours would shift to night hours & days would go down in slumber. Imagine jaunts in moon light! those hours are not far away from befalling. May be the invincible science would come up with self contained humongous green houses that can preserve a city from the UVs.But the scientists say that most cities would be gobbled by the rising sea level; NewYork , Hongkong , Sydney , Mumbai (harbor cities) are a few among many to fall in the first wave. The resultant would be rise of cities in higher ranges. The peaks would be too near the sun & the valleys ? They should've become beaches by then. The present hill stations would see huge population influx & urbanisation there
after ... then the history would repeat again , the real estate value shoots up !scarcity of land would call for vertical cultivation or may be all vital nutrients would be then taken in as shots. The ever debasing atmosphere is yet another budding plague. Oxygen parlors would flourish by then ... gas masks would come along with the helmets; detachable of course , might need them when u take a stroll down the street. What about the impact on medical domain ? More toxic bacteria that survive at high temperature , Pathogens & Nematodes ... all kind of diseases follow... dermatologist would be in more demand .. Unfiltered UVs can bring horrendous effects on skin &'then Time' might call for special life support suits. All RnD efforts put for prototyping artificial biosphere & habitation else where in space would come in handy. If at least by then, men exploit some grey matter, the gadgets would be absolute green, organic cells & bio fuels would of course be punctuated. Cars will run on coconut oil & spinach, the residue would processed to liberate oxygen for the atmos' and water for kitchen. The underwater luxury hotels would then evolve to much bigger versions submersible domiciles. Sounds cool huh ? yep ! it would , until you get to sleep with the fishes...A floating city also seems to be a good option or may be some underground settlement that is similar to the city of 'Zion' from the 'Matrix trilogy' doesn’t sound uncanny, if this chaos is what the mother nature holds for us.

Gas-masK; wear it & u'll look like a P!G

so.. what exactly is the lesson ?

With some foresight, buy out some demesne in the high lands, preferably in some hill station. & once the real estate booms at these locations, sell them out & device means to build a town elsewhere above or below the waves or under the strata. Sell them out & amass enough bucks to blast off from this globe once it is all set to fall into rubbles ! idea sounds good , right ? but the bottom line is that "u can mess with any nations , but not with nature"

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