Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sailing on the wings of ‘Hope’

This is a Land of myths tales & fables, some quaint nook hidden away by the fairies, which faded away in the breeze of time. A nation that still remain a virgin, motherland to many souls, unblemished by the surging waves of the sly world elsewhere.

It was this soil that the poets depicted in the odes, the explorers inscribed it on their maps as the ‘Land of hope’ christened after the River Hope, which stems from the ‘fountain of faith’ & generations after generation, aeons after eon its banks served as a hotbed to beings that loved real peace. A tribe so naive walked this land & ‘Hope’ that streamed down through its very soul became the heart of many legends that charmed the youth of this soil. One such legend was that of ‘the Promised Land’. To some it was just a myth but the majority believed it was real; there existed ‘the Promised Land’ a far-off expanse well beyond the horizons of their nation. ‘The Hope’ was the only conduit that could take one to the shores of ‘the Promised Land’. Many popular folklores were sung about the ‘riches & fortune’ of ‘the Land’; audacious were those who had embarked to explore what ‘the Promised Land’ had to offer.

It is a time of melancholy & great satisfaction, a paradoxical entity with in a parent’s lifetime as they watch ‘the bearer of their name’ dive into the depths of ‘Hope’ in quest of ‘the Promised Land’ & fades away in the ensuing waves. Those who had left for ‘the promised land’ has never returned back, people say that it is the riches that locked away the urge for a homecoming. Tommy was one among the few who left in search of ‘the Promised Land’.He still recalls the day he leaped into the waters & surfaced soon to take a look at his dad &Leap mom ashore, the image of his parents waving at him still lingers; now he see them only in his dreams. He has not yet reached his destination, still swimming & camping on the shorelines of ‘Hope’ he is still on his way. He came across many who left his land long before him with the same motive to disembark on the shores of ‘the Promised Land’. It took Tommy time to realize that it was all a myth, the ‘fate’ ‘fame’ & ‘fortune’ were just obscure manifestations, he knew that none will reach the destination and now he wanted to reclaim what he had lost; he made vain attempts to swim back, the whirls of Hope not just weakened his bones & muscles but undermined his urge to waft back. ... He learned that he had to keep moving ... the optimism of his fellow adventurers annihilates his doubt. They wait for the best tide & again sail on the wings of ‘Hope’.

Time passed by...Tommy is still swimming; He is no longer a boy. He has seen the world, but ‘innocence & purity’, the expositions his motherland had bestowed in him seems to linger some where deep with in his soul. Every day Tommy dreams away of the moment when he returns back to his land, but a noose holds him back; for he knows, it is just a dream...

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