Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ A Cho!ce ~

My day begins with an open window,
But this one can speak only one lingo.
Those ‘Tick tack ticks ‘, from my open laptop
That’s what, my windows can resolve!

Now sipping my coffee I lean back to see
Who else in the cabin is pissed off like me!
Then I think; what it would have been,
had I taken the path I used to dream?

‘Tring tring tring ’ , my phone then rings
Waking me up… like a wicked jinx.
I picked it up, to know the killer of my dream.
A voice then said... “It was your God Damn Choice!”

..................-Aby Jacob-.....................

[Emotion : Pi$$ed Off !]


  1. hey man im angello igitego, live in africa, rwanda, a country with a long history, some times full of hatred and wars. I like to be a friend of yours, such your brain is fluent with what i like the most in life : Self expression through poetry. Thank you very much.

    I dont know how i came to be on your blog man, but i like it. get my email or yahoo, and hotmail.

  2. Hi Angello ,

    u can find me in Facebook :)