Saturday, October 18, 2008


Arrows of Love they stab so deep
& with cute stubby wings they take flight
Not leaving us bleed to death but to love
Now tell me Y should I trust the cupids?

This pain is deep & torment so real
But for these cupids they play the fiddle
To make this emotion so blissful n sweet
Tell me Y should I trust the cupids?

I’m cut so deep. I can’t take no more
Still Y can’t I say “NO” 2 cupids anymore
To heart of wax they melt this rock
Give me reasons to trust the cupids!

The flutter of wings, deaf my ears
Ambush of arrows has left me blinded
The pain at heart has clouded my senses
For what reason should I trust the cupids?

Above the cliff of destiny I stand
Winds so heavy, they whisper deep into heart
A gentle push with those tender hands
Make me take the free fall 2 EARTH

Now tell me Y should I trust these cupids?

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