Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Paper Ship Captain

Lo$t !n D DeeP Blue$
Laying back on the meadows of past
I spread wings to feel the wind of thoughts
Then into the vastness of dreams I sail.
In quest of filling life’s blanks.
Like a kite with no strings, I knew no limits.
I felt elevated; flying into heights unconquered.
To witness the earth taking its new shape.

With gut & spirit I soared up again,
Now looking down below, I could see myself.
Sailing a paper ship through the drains.
Is this the mighty ocean, which spread in me the fears?
I asked for myself and the answer was there.
Puny are we in this cosmos so vast,
That our phobias stay unsurpassed.

...This Material is CopyRighted ©... - Aby Jacob -

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